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We fill the void of experienced technology specialists.
We dig deep

“We dig deep into the complex issues of large IT systems, solving the multi-faceted problems as well as the unseen "gotchas" that literally save corporations millions.”

—Kevin Hutchinson, CEO
We dig deep

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The world of information technology is changing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex. There is a constant drive for newer and better technology, as well as a need for platforms, databases and departments to function seamlessly together. That drive decreases technology prices, but forces a faster refresh cycle on infrastructure. Without proper planning and coordination of technologies across the entire infrastructure, savings are lost in this constant battle to keep up.

For large corporations, this is no small task. How exactly do you stay responsive and poised for the future while implementing massive IT initiatives? How do you upgrade old, inefficient systems today and ensure they will be effective tomorrow? And how do you make it happen with tighter budget controls and a mass retirement exodus of senior executives with years of valuable experience?

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Compact capability.

It seems everyone is relying on IT to create efficiencies and drive productivity. That makes sense, and yet, it also seems that instead of harnessing IT for success, information technology becomes a hindrance. IT resources are sometimes overburdened, underutilized, or simply not experienced enough to move organizations forward. No one doubts that IT is critical to today’s business structures and systems, but as one of the biggest expenses for corporations today, incredible insight is required to meet this monumental challenge.

At Balla Machree, we fill the void of experienced technology specialists. We formed a highly capable, compact consulting company after decades of experience in IT and senior management at large corporations. We’ve worked across many complex and varied infrastructures. After we left the corporate fray and began specializing at Balla Machree, we found increased efficiency and clarity from being on the outside looking in.

Staying small has also kept us nimble. With cross-functional skillsets in communication, negotiation and implementation, we cut to the heart of the issues, offer up strategies, set projects in motion and manage them through their full course. Ultimately, this has allowed us to indulge our passion and mission as a business – to solve large, complex problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A growing number of corporations have experienced our first class, professional service delivering sustainable, year-over-year returns. Often, their only regret is that they didn’t call sooner.

Deep roots in an ever-changing landscape.

Growing up on a farm instilled the values of hard work and diligence and fostered a hands-on, get-down-to-business attitude. Now, far from the fields and family that taught us so much, Balla Machree’s founders take the same approach to the world of IT. In an intense and competitive marketplace, our honest, vendor-agnostic approach is both effective – and refreshing. It allows us to avoid HR issues and politics, while remaining focused on bringing our clients to the cutting-edge of an ever-changing technology landscape.

When it comes to IT, you need short-term answers with long-term vision. Your unique challenges require a deep knowledge and multiple skills not often found in one department, let alone one consultant. More than that, you need an ethical partner you can trust and that will, quite simply, make a huge difference. There are no off-the-shelf answers. With Balla Machree you'll get objective, insightful answers that get you ready for tomorrow, today.