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Program and Project Management for a Large, Multi-site Corporation

Our client, the Canadian Business Solutions division of a global corporation, needed to upgrade their order processing technology in order to successfully deploy IT products to their biggest customer, the Government of New Brunswick, with more than 550 sites province-wide.

We developed the necessary modifications to their enterprise application software (EAS), planned the delivery and deployment of the IT products, and successfully managed the project from initiation to post-installation support.

Our client received the tools, processes, procedures and a blueprint for more efficiently serving their large enterprise customers, a new market opportunity, while successfully executing a significant, valuable contract.

Quick EAS Tool integration


One of our greatest challenges was to maintain the operations currently in place, so that order entry, order fulfillment, invoicing and service reporting all remained undisrupted, while we simultaneously enhanced the EAS system. Our client’s contracts, including their first enterprise contract with the Government of New Brunswick — which required the full use of the EAS — would need to continue to be fulfilled. Adding to these issues were the logistical challenges of deploying products to 550 sites located throughout the province of New Brunswick.

Over 550 installations as one project

Strategic Actions

We responded by creating an order inventory tool to receive and process all provincial Government orders before passing data to the client’s enterprise financial/inventory database. This allowed our client to consider the 550+ provincial government installations as a single project, and optimize the installation of their product and services. We initiated customer input of orders, as per our client’s customer’s requirements, and developed an input validation tool to ensure the quality of order data. Because the new customer input orders could not be processed by our client’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) database, we developed a separate database to track ordered and installed products.

To meet our client’s obligations with their government customer while the EAS modifications were taking place, we provided extensive project management, including scheduling, to the delivery of our client’s IT products as per the government’s requirements. A Procedures and Implementation Manual was also developed to give a blue print of how to receive and process orders from large enterprise customers, enabling the optimal delivery of products to both their current enterprise customer and all future enterprise-related customers.

Expanded Market Reach

Optimal Results

Through our development and delivery of modifications to their EAS, and our management of a deployment of IT products to 550 sites, we assisted our client in executing a highly valued contract. All IT equipment was provided to the provincial government in agreement with the contracted terms. But as important as executing the contract was to our client’s mission, servicing a new market is also possible now and processes are in place to support this.

The client is now actively building their new ERP database and, with the use of their Procedures and Implementation Manual to guide the process, is actively competing in the enterprise client space for new business.