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Enterprise-wide IT infrastructure refresh

The benefits from an enterprise-wide IT infrastructure refresh can be significant:

  • Decreased communications network costs.
  • Decreased computing (desktop and servers) costs.
  • Increased efficiencies in network, communications and computing operations.
  • Increased functionalities allowing for new business opportunities and further growth.

An organization-wide IT infrastructure refresh is a significant undertaking. WAN, LAN, telephony hardware and services, communication circuits, desktop computing and servers – today’s tools for operational survival. For this reason, the prudent first step to any refresh is to examine whether verifiable information exists to justify the project.

Balla Machree collects the relevant information and prepares business cases comparing your current IT infrastructure’s capabilities and costs versus the capabilities and costs of an updated IT infrastructure. If the business case shows that an IT Infrastructure Refresh is beneficial to your organization, we would then move forward.

Balla Machree’s refresh methodology includes the following key components:

  • Definition of IT requirements from your corporate viewpoint (prior to vendor involvement)
  • Execution of RFPs to Telco vendors
  • Detailed design of the solution
  • Contract negotiation with vendors
  • IT Infrastructure Refresh execution – the project management of vendor implementing new service and disposal of existing equipment / services
  • Project tracking (using Balla Machree customized tools) to ensure IT infrastructure installations at sites are completed on schedule

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