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IT product and services sales consulting

With extensive experience in the RFP and vendor selection processes, Balla Machree offers thorough IT product and services sales consulting to move your organization forward.

Our in-depth knowledge of the latest in IT and current North American IT service providers ensures you have access to the best in both technologies and vendors. Our knowledge and understanding of fair market pricing for IT services and solutions ensure you will know the cost of the solutions you are considering. Our careful and conscientious methods ensure you have accurate solutions that you can trust.

This process encompasses:

  • Defining and documenting IT needs
  • Publishing these needs for vendors on the open market
  • Creating evaluation metrics for vendor responses
  • Evaluating vendor responses
  • Selecting the optimal vendor(s) and solution(s)

Balla Machree has the experience and leadership skills to quickly secure the IT solutions that help organizations to perform at their best, solutions that often result in significant savings.

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