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IT strategic management consulting

Balla Machree IT strategic management consulting helps organizations succeed by establishing their Information Technology directions, budgets, staffing and focus. Developing an effective strategy involves the following areas:

  • IT budget
  • IT staffing
  • WAN, LAN, telephony, Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Desktop computing, networked storage, active directory and VLAN planning
  • Servers and applications
  • Data and call centres
  • Disaster Recovery plans, processes and facilities

We also evaluate:

  • Full service IT models (provider-owned equipment) vs purchasing equipment
  • Term of IT agreements
  • Single vendor networks vs multi-vendor networks
  • Cloud solutions vs discrete hardware
  • Service level agreement requirements

Diligently covering all the bases.

At Balla Machree, we have the big picture in view. We recognize areas and issues which, although often not obvious, may significantly improve efficiencies once addressed. For example:

  • Ensuring Enterprise Resource Planning solutions work seamlessly with financial and purchasing applications
  • Ensuring IT Day 2 support and service level agreements uphold customer service requirements
  • Providing inventory management and documentation of all IT solutions, equipment and processes

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