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Productivity and process improvements

Balla Machree’s Productivity and Process Improvement (PPI) service focuses on identifying organizational opportunities, analyzing these to determine best objectives, and the timely implementation of the changes to realize the targeted improvements.


Balla Machree efficiently identifies the most impactful opportunities for improvement within organizations. Making valuable insights involves:

  • Analyzing organizational structure, compensation and incentive programs
  • Interviewing key stakeholders
  • Reviewing documented processes
  • Reviewing selected budgets, invoices and logs
  • Experimenting with the tools in place
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the current technology


With areas for improvement identified, the systematic analysis of the opportunities — in difficulty, risk, duration, and potential benefit — is essential in order to establish corporate objectives for improvement.


One of the biggest barriers to realizing improvements is the timely initiation of a project to implement change. Balla Machree has the expertise and experience to position and equip organizations to take the steps needed to complete the productivity and process improvement changes.

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