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Project audits and project reviews

In large corporations, projects going "off the rails" is not uncommon. Poor implementation skills, insufficient technology, small breakdowns halting progress together, or politics – the causes can be numerous, but the costs are significant. In large multi-faceted projects, identifying and resolving the real issues can be a difficult, time-consuming task.

IT insight for complex projects.

Balla Machree offers an objective, in-depth perspective, with insightful solutions that work. We audit and review complex IT projects that are either overdue or seriously over budget. We work with our clients and their vendors to understand the issues and bring the project back on track. It is always our objective to maximize value for our clients through timely resolutions. To every project we apply our…

  • Ability to quickly digest large amounts technical information
  • Arm's length perspective
  • Experience gleaned from similar projects and programs from other organizations
  • Big picture thinking
  • Common sense
  • Business acumen and negotiation capabilities
  • Leadership and ability to motivate others
  • Creativity

Bringing about the changes to strengthen your organization.

Depending on the capabilities of the organization and the nature of the issues, we may be engaged to work with the Project Management team; in other situations it's more prudent to replace the existing Project Management team. In both scenarios, it is our imperative to work efficiently, but also fairly and conscientiously. We believe true IT proficiency includes strong people skills.

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